mono land gang

mono land gang
Caroline Heinzel | 2018

A vertical figure walks the outstretching hills. The ground is lined with stubs, cleaned out by herbicides or washed out into pools of water. In the empty landscape, the figure, introduced in a close up, is protected against unobstructed winds by a blue quilted cloth. The arms penetrate its surface when intending to feel conditions or withdraw when getting sensitive. The cloths colour reflects the humid atmosphere. While the hood protects against rain when bowing down, its large facial opening leaves in as much sensual information as possible. Low calls of bombina bombina can be heard, the fire-bellied toad that used to be common in the area depicted, but is endangered due to loss of habitat (cf. mono land form).

The video is an essay on the body’s atrophied relationship with industrialised agricultural spaces. As a study, it preceded the interactive object installation mono land form. Its autonomy in terms of body discourse anticipates other pieces such as hutung.

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Exhibited at HBKsaar annual exhibition 2018