o.T. Völklingen
Caroline Heinzel | 2016 | StadtRaum

In one of many vacant shops in Völklingen city centre, this site-specific installation unfolds one possible potential of spatial fabric. Fibre-cloth panels are pegged to beams of the second-floor’s balcony and passed around a pillar. They hold ideas of the Fold and an airy, at once, graphic conception of physical and cognitive connectedness.

The installation’s exhibition was complemented by visual, auditive and performative documents of research discussing conditions of local urban development and public life in a city that, over the past decades, became shaped by structural decline and transformation. Neighbours followed the artistic execution through the large store fronts, popped in to assist and debate, and joined a workshop connecting movement, perception, artistic and social interaction.

Residence and exhibition (August – Octobre 2016) as part of research project StadtRaum in cooperation with Jennifer Lubahn (Mai – Octobre 2016)

Funded by the City of Völklingen (Verfügungsfond Die Soziale Stadt – Innenstadt und Wehrden) and supported by HBKsaar