Über Land

Über Land
2018 | Maximiliansforum Munich

Caroline Heinzel | Sarah Niecke | Ann-Kathrin Sonntag | Timo Poeppel | Polina Trishkina | Nora Veneranda Roedelstuertz | Esther Momper
Installation (9x12x0,5m), performance and video

Sealed by gypsum cardboard, a spacious second floor spreads out and becomes transformed into a landscape by the performers‘ movement and shifting weight. Transformation progresses along variable levels of intensity and social interaction, as well as shifting degrees of knowledge and awareness. The performance, structured by only a small set of rules eventually left to the performers‘ individual interpretation, is an authentic attempt to adjust the body to a space that is wayward, and increasingly the result of coincidential collectivity and peripheral negotiation. The cavernous substructure, now laid open, reflects the urban cavity that never-in-use subway station Maximiliansforum Munich folds into urban landscape below traffic level.

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Developed and exhibited during collaboration KI_L_MUC_SA_R, supported and funded by the City of Munich, Berufsverband Bildender Künstlerinnen und Künstler Oberbayern und München, Muthesius Kiel, Academy of Fine Arts Munich and HBKsaar/S_A_R Projektbüro

august – septembre 2018
I initiated research and exploration on individual conception and experience of landscape to be reflected and discussed online by a group of artists. The piece was then developed and executed with six affiliate artists within five days on site.

16 octobre 2018
Live performance, Maximiliansforum Munich

16 octobre – 16 novembre 2018
Installation and performance video, Maximiliansforum Munich